Here at LAPP The Brand, order illustrator or photographer and want to contribute to our community then email us at
  • Send us your pitch. A pitch is your opportunity to tell us what your chosen topic is and explain why you would like to shed light on it. Pitches should be no more than 200 words. Even if you’ve already written the article, ambulance please send us an email with your pitch first.
  • Add “pitch” in the subject heading along with the proposed title.
  • Choose a catchy title for your article, which clearly gives the reader an idea of what your article is about.
  • If your pitch is time sensitive, please state this is the subject heading.
  • Your pitch should be originial and should give us a unique perspective on an issue.
  • If your pitch is accepted, you will be given a deadline to write the full article.
  • Once you have written the article, add 3 images which relate to your topic and state where you sourced your images from. Check out our website, Instagram or Pinterest to get a feel for our aesthetic.
  • Articles must be at least 400 words.
  • If you use any statistics in your article, embed a hyperlink or state where you sourced the information from.
  • Make sure to send us your bio with a profile image. This is to let readers know who you are, and will feature alongide your article and any future articles.
  • We want articles that have been written specifically for LAPP The Brand, so we will not accept articles that have been featured on blogs or other websites.