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    Why Does My Female Boss Scare Me?

    We have seen an increase in women taking on senior roles in the workplace in the last half-century, however negative attitudes towards women in these positions still exist. Research suggests that female managers are assessed less favourably than their male counterparts. This means that whilst it is becoming more common for us to see women […] More

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    #WTFMTA: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    Let’s set the scene: Let’s Talk About Sex by TLC plays softly in the background. Doves are flying. Champagne fountains are flowing. An assortment of colorful rose petals are… petaling. Kenny G is there. *Record scratch* Patrick Stewart walks in and begins to narrate. What does sexual wellness and being sexual mean to you? Because […] More

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    Why “Cancel Culture” Needs to be Cancelled

    The term “Black Twitter” has become a cultural identity of which millions of black Twitter users across the world belong to. It has become a hub of cultural references and collective action against social injustices. It is also a community for black people to come together and celebrate “blackness”, whether it’s Beyonce’s Coachella performance or […] More

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    Women Of Scandal

    Every Thursday (when it would air), I would run to the Thai restaurant near my house or order a large cheese pizza with bacon stuffed crust and grab my chalice and whatever wine I was drinking that night. Everyone knew, Thursday nights were Shonda nights. I would sit curled up on my sofa, wig off, […] More

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    The Harsh Reality of the French Immigration System

    It’s a story that has captivated many since it first broke over the May bank holiday weekend when a young Malian man rescued a young child dangling from the balcony of a four-story building in Paris. Despite the fact that he would be risking his life to the fullest, Mamoudou Gassama acted on instinct and […] More

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    Mental health’s influence on relationships

    It is easy to read stories about dysfunctional relationships and wonder why people engage in them. Although, it may seem obvious to us that people should remove themselves from toxic relationships, sometimes this is easier said than done. What about when there’s mental illness involved, and people can’t consider their relationships in the same way […] More

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    Friendships and my Asexuality

    We live in an age where we are more open than ever about sexuality, and have seen the rise of classifications for identities that have been traditionally ignored. Asexuality being one of these such identities,  can be described as the lack of sexual attraction to others. In recent years, it has slowly become integrated into […] More

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    Change Cannes Happen

    Known for championing independent cinema, and for having a jury capable of awarding critical acclaim with the simple swoop of a pen, Cannes Film Festival attracts international attention each year. This time around, the prestigious affair was another event in a long line of many to see the inspirational Time’s Up movement sweep the red […] More

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