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Dear Laura, I’m Sorry for your Loss

Andy Rooney said that death is a “distant rumor to the young.” It is the one act that creates ultimate revision in our lifetime. Revered for its ominous and finite position, this world could not continue without its influence and presence. One may call this the faultless silver lining to a familiar calamity, yet I name it the lone and relentless wolf creating rebirth wherever it howls.  

LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, Loss, Death

Recently, a close friend so full of love and light, suffered an immense amount of personal loss. I still recall the message I received when she informed me of her mother’s passage into a new realm. It was 12:43pm and I was sound asleep. Reading the phrase “she passed” over and over into deeper contemplation, I stood still. Two very small words made a very big impact that night. I couldn’t muster a sound, a movement, or a thought. I was trapped in a proverbial darkness both internally and externally. Her caretaker, spirit guide, and biggest love was stripped away from her. I could not begin to understand the sorrows of future days without her. Was this not a life shattering moment?

LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, Loss, Death

I haven’t lost someone in quite some time, but it seems that those around me constantly do. From afar I feel the pain while watching and consoling with warm regards and empathy. Yet, none of this fills the void that death brings. While the initial loss is tremendous, the rebuilding that follows may just be the most exacting feat yet. I wanted to wrap myself around her and say it would all be just fine. However, I was taught not to lie between broken teeth.

A few days later I received a terrifying call. Her sense of urgency in her piercing tone shouted from the rooftops while the actual words spoken were soft, like lilies. Her father had now passed as well. Time as I knew it stopped. She had lost two lives in the matter of days but here she was breathing, speaking, thinking, and being. You, my dearest Laura, are my truest hero.

LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, Loss, Death

When standing upright and breathing it in I realized something quite remarkable. For an instance I was genuinely worried for her. Her creators, the ones who she’d known longest in this journey of life, were both taken from her. How could she move forward? How could she possibly make do with these tribulations and still progress? I asked loudly and repetitively, though I already knew the answer. She is a warrior. A woman of character and grace and love. A divinity for injustice, equality, and peace. Others have always come before her and in that I see her true strength. Laura’s selflessness and effervescence will always protect her.

In dedication to her, to you, to everyone and anyone suffering any sort of loss, do remember who you are and how you got here. Those strengths are what keep you alive and composed. You have all the tools necessary to fight on and live this life, in honor of those who have lost it.

Written by Brittni Alahmar

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Written by Brittni Alahmar

Brittni is a woman who runs with wolves. Located in New York City. You can Follow Brittni on Instagram @britbomberr

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