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Social Media Relationships should NOT be your Goals

If you have been following social media, you will know that there has been plenty of speculation concerning the hiccups and the breakups in the growing world of YouTube. For those of you have that have not been updated, where on earth have you been?

Daina and Ahmet released videos regarding the issues they have been having in their marriage. Another popular Youtube couple, Terroll and Nakita, had also released videos in regards to their break up. Both of which caused an uproar amongst devoted fans and members of the public.

LAPP, LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, Social Media, Relationship, Couples
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Every relationship has their ups and downs and nobody is near perfect. It is so important not to base your idea of love on a fantasy. It is important not to base your idea of love on the “best bits” couples decide to show on their platforms. We only get to see snippets of people’s everyday lives, and only the best chosen snippets of their lives at that. After all who wants to air their dirty laundry for the world to see? As I scrolled through my recommended page on YouTube, I clicked on a video a Nigerian YouTuber had made dedicated to grieving the death of Terroll and Nakita’s relationship. She shared her honest views and opinions, and was completely distraught.

Now, it is fine to admire and moderately look up to others relationships but don’t fool yourself into believing that everything is fine and dandy all day long. I have witnessed people lose hope of ever finding love simply because their favourite Youtubers have split up or because they have revealed they’re experiencing major issues in their relationship. It is not at all healthy to be that emotionally invested in their lives to the extent that it negatively affects your own life. I had been a fan of Terroll and Nakita from the beginning of their channel so I understand the disappointment and slight frustration but I am also aware that we are only shown a glimpse of their entire relationship. Therefore it would be impossible for us to know the ins and outs of what truly goes on between them off camera.

LAPP, LAPP The Brand, Leomie Anderson, Social Media, Relationship, Couples
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Do not get caught up creating dreams about what you have seen online because it will only cause you to put unnecessary strain on yourself and even cause possible headache into your own relationship. What works for relationship “A” may not work for you and that is perfectly fine!

Make up your own relationship goals which will be exclusive to you! The relationships we see online are not going to be identical to the ones we ourselves get into, so by making other couples your goals, you’re only setting yourself up for major disappointment. Your relationship should be about what you and your partner want, not what you see looks good on other people.


Written by Ama Amponsah

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