Quit Talking Numbers

As a student of creative studies, medical our tutors have told us countless times to make sure we have a social media presence. Learning how to represent yourself as a brand or individual may mean that you might have to delete a few old tweets, but all for a good reason.


Brushing up on your social media appearance is sometimes necessary but brushing away original aims and goals is not.

Building your social profile is now just as important as qualifications and millennials worldwide have been able to reach their goals through social media. It’s amazing that people can bypass the interview style vetting system nowadays just by having a ‘cool feed’ but it’s important to stick to your aims and not make any drastic moves for a few more followers.

The growing desire for followers means that spam social media accounts have started appearing online. A few extra thousand fake followers and some online views could land you a blue tick next to your name, but at a cost; fake followers and paid-for likes often result in hacked accounts and spam posts.

Social media pressures are becoming more apparent and many people now try their best to get as many followers as possible very quickly. This sometimes means that it becomes easy to drift away from original ideas. It’s really important to stick with what you believe in and create, and let people work out for themselves if they want to follow it.

I’m sure nearly every person reading this has come across a social media profile full of posts such as #FollowForFollow, #FollowFriday or #LB. Don’t know about them? Check Kylie Jenner’s picture comments they are everywhere.

Kylie Jenner has created her empire through a constant social media presence and domination, but what about those who are not always present online?

Other 2016 successes lend themselves to low social media presence but big support. Beyonce dropped Lemonade out of nowhere and went platinum in the USA, UK and Canada to name a few. Skepta won the Mercury Prize 2016 and his solitary nature and minimal internet interactions did not stop his album Konnichiwa going gold. The work of these artists speak volumes without needing to be in the social media limelight 24/7.

I guess the moral of this post is to reassure those who are really trying to create an online presence not to worry if the follower count isn’t rising quickly just yet. Dedication to personal goals becomes apparent to people lingering across the profile. It may even make them hit the follow button.

Margaret Zhang, stylist to Yeezy and founder of once said that, “It’s important to stay true to yourself. Brands that I have spoken to in the past six months have all realised you know it’s not about having someone with a trillion followers it’s about finding someone with a hundred followers and every single one of those hundred is dedicated and will listen to everything you say, and that’s how you grow your brand.”

Margaret Zhang has risen to become amongst the most influential bloggers, stylists, photographers, and creative directors.
Margaret Zhang has risen to become amongst the most influential bloggers, stylists, photographers, and creative directors.

So realistically, it’s not always just about following the movement. No doubt, it is great if your movement does have a trillion followers that 100% support what you are trying to achieve, but this shouldn’t be the sole aim. The online followers that support your movement will be the ones that you learn to appreciate. We must remember to appreciate backing, not numbers. It is easier to show curiosity than it is to show real support.


Written by Rebecca Thomas

Twitter and Instagram: @Rebecca__Thomas

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