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Memes That Will Piss Off Any Feminist

We’re living in a #goals obsessed generation. Since the rise in social media, healing ailment it’s made it a lot easier to not only keep up with the Kardashians, about it but the busy lives of other people (mainly celebs) life allowing us to have more access meanwhile using their platform to maintain their brand image and further connect with followers. I for one celebrate social media, here and all it’s intricacies, it’s a beautiful thing, but just like anything else that is online, it doesn’t always mean it represents a person’s reality. It’s not only social but can be just the surface of a person or company.


Over recent months, I’ve started to notice the word “goals”, being used on posts such as stunning couples you can be both happy for and a smidgen envious over #relationshipgoals. Over the 2.4 family who seem to have the perfect life both online and offline taking selfies in the perfect car, owning the perfect dog, and taking the most perfect holidays #familygoals. Over the all women’s fitness babe page where they truly make you question why you’re eating that white chocolate chip cookie whilst scrolling through their posts and not doing a 5k run instead followed by a round of butt clenches #fitnessgoals, and the list goes on. The term #goals has been used on Instagram over 25 million times and that’s just one social media platform! But since when did goals start being formulated and set based on other peoples lives? To aspire to be like someone is one thing, to be inspired is another but to actually set that person’s life as the ultimate goal for how you want yours to be from a filtered snapshot is quite concerning.


Truth is, we can feel like we know people online through what they choose to show us, but the truth is, we actually don’t. Knowing about someone, and knowing them personally are two different things. The goals definition in the Webster dictionary is something to do or achieve, but the unfortunate internet goals the majority of the time are something to attain no matter how ridiculously outlandish it may seem.

Goals is something that should be based on where you’re at in YOUR OWN life. Spending more time with family, moving into that dream career, learning that foreign language, opting for a healthier diet, clearing the overdraft, finally saving enough to put a deposit down for the house purchase. No matter how big or small the goal is, it’s your journey. It shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone else. That’s often where comparison can come in, and it’s pretty much a slippery slope downwards from there.


The only person you should want to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

People on the whole, only post the best parts of their life and being the brand conscious girl that I am, I even do it! So by no means am I knocking it, but when goals are based off just a social media portrayal that’s unhealthy and dangerous because it then heightens our unrealistic expectations of life and makes us neglect our own realities.

Remember, their story is not your story, their struggles are not your struggles and their successes are not your successes.


Written by: Kibibe Bailey

Instagram: @mskibibebailey
If you scroll through your Twitter or Instagram feed it is almost impossible to ignore what is masked under the term “banter”. This “banter” can vary from ‘Lads Bible’ entry level quips about a woman’s place being in the kitchen when a football match is on to the policing of women’s wardrobe using unsuspecting women in Hijabs as the representation of a “respectable woman”; we literally cannot escape the misogyny that thrives on social media. Davetra has rounded up her top five offensive memes- even if you’re not a feminist per say, more about you have to agree that these are pretty ridiculous.


Whomever made this meme must feel a sense of entitlement to his partner’s body. Honey, you are not entitled to a damn thing! It’s crazy to think that women being reduced to a sex tool for their “man” is meant to be humorous.


“Hoes” huh? We are happy to have another female character getting some play in a male dominated universe. Harley Quinn happens to make a damn good muse for makeup artists and cosplay fans alike. Dress like Storm and no one blinks an eye, dress like Harley and people lose their minds!


People just can’t seem to find a sense of balance. Just because I want equal rights doesn’t mean I don’t want the door held open for me. Honestly, it’s common courtesy. I open the door for anyone of any gender whenever the circumstance permits. Get over yourselves, it’s just a door.


There’s no need for an explanation really.


Slutty and tasteful is up for debate. Just wear you want. You can’t please everyone.  Why, in 2016, is it still seen as acceptable to tell a woman what she can and cannot wear?


No, there are millions of girls in this world. Everyone is different and that goes for vaginas. In fact, the design of your vagina doesn’t even have anything to do with sexual experiences. Implying the one on the left is inferior to the one on the right shows someone who has been misinformed.
Jokes are cool. By all means, live! I chose these specific memes because there are many men out there whom happen to have these opinions. Trust me I know some of these guys. If you’re a guy reading this, next time you see one of these jokes, do us a favour and scroll on, do not share these misogynistic memes!

Written by Davetra Fleary

Opening paragraph by Leomie Anderson

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